Navigation Map version and timezone

I have a few questions, I have a 2018 that I just got and the map is 2017.04 if I remember(I am not near the vehicle now), is that the most recent? In regards to the maps the salesperson says I can use entune for navigation? Not sure what he meant by that. Here is the bigger question, maybe...

DIY: Black Interior Swap & Dash Removal Procedure

I swapped the interior on my Toyota Camry from that boring gray cloth to some much nicer black leather. Yes, this includes the dashboard. While swapping a dashboard might sound daunting, I made a short video detailing the process….it’s quite easy:

92 v6 wagon, rpm drops/surges when hot, obd code 22 and o/d off flash in diagnostics

So begins my fun journey of figuring out why my car is sloshing like a mofo after I drive for more than about 15 or so minutes. When cold, no issues. But once warm and especially in the 20-40 mph range the rpms drop and spike when my foot stays at consistent pressure on gas pedal. Thing almost...

Brake pedal sometimes loses pressure

Brake pedal sometimes loses pressure I've noticed this a few times. I'll be sitting at a stop light. And the pedal loses pressure sometimes and goes further in. But then I'll let off the brake pedal and then back on and the pressure is back to normal. My truck is not under very hard braking,...

FS: 15" snow tires

I'm selling a set of 4 Barum Polaris 3 snow tires in 175/65/15 used for 1 winter only, switch to SUV so I can't use them anymore tires are still like new they will fit Honda, Toyota, Hyundai................etc they're one of the top 10 snow tires looking for $250 pick up in Markham...

Still looking for a XMAS gift?

Come over to and we will guarantee delivery by xmas as long as your order is placed by December 15TH!

Was the timing belt replaced?

First post here. I purchased a 2006 Sequoia SR5 4x4 with 117,000 miles on it and was wondering if it had had the timing belt replaced. Toyota did a VIN check and confirmed that Toyota hadn’t done one on this vehicle. So I got all the parts and a couple of special tools, boned up on the You Tube...

Alcohol smell in the car

Hi all, I noticed when I start the car in the morning there is a smell of alcohol in the car. I have a suspicion that is coolant smell from the heater core but how can I make sure that is the case. Do you know any other reasons that would cause that kind of smell? Thanks!

Seat belt replacement

My 2002 Rav4 was in an accident and the airbags deployed. The seat belts are locked up. I found some at the salvage. I don't plan on replacing the airbags. I just want to make it drivable. When I install the new ones should I even plug them in? Will they work normally if I don't plug them in?

Car and Driver In-depth review of 2017 Highlander

Not sure if this was posted before, but search turned up nothing... It looks like this is a recent review on the 2017 HL done by C&D:

Lights flickering and hard to steer/wineing noise

Hey guys new here and I’m having some problems out of my 2004 Toyota Avalon v6. As described in the title the wineing/hard to steer started happing the other day and then I also noticed the interior and headlights were flickering. I do know it got a new alternator late last year and noticed the...

99 Camry with 00-01 injectors and head!

I thought I had seen it all, and here comes the 99 Camry with 00-01 injectors and head! :surprise: The odd thing is that it seems like they kept the old TB, so there is currently the 3rd pipe that originates from the TB (and should plug into the head) that's just dangling around. I have a...

Camry GEN2 TRD OEM Body molding kit

Toyota Camry Gen2 TRD body molding kit 1998 -2000 ish one complete - two sides, two rear and two front fender body moldings. plus two additional sides and front fender moldings These are factory parts not aftermarket If interested contact via email rbrent5 AT

98 Corolla turn signal problem

Hello, My friend has 98 Corolla and when he turns his turn signal (left or right) all 4 lights start blinking, like he turned hazards. If you turn hazard lights everything is ok, until you turn headlights. as soon as you turn headlights all 4 hazard lights will turn on and stay on (solid, not...

Roman is out until 12/18

I'll be on vacation until 12/18. Just so you don't think I'm ignoring you or anything. :D